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Bingo: Learn the Playing Rules of the Game

The playing rules of bingo differ from one casino to another casino. Before you start playing the bingo game of the casino, always see to it that you have read and understood the playing rules and payouts of bingo on the casino you are in.

But in spite of the little variations of bingo playing rules, there is still a standard bingo playing rules that is used in most bingo halls and online casinos.

Players will begin the bingo game by purchasing one or more bingo cards. The prices for each bingo card vary from a few cents up to as high as hundreds of dollars. A typical bingo card is a 5x5 grid and the letters B-I-N-G-O are situated on the top of the grid, where each letter has a corresponding column of numbers below. The square at the center of the bingo card is always a free space and the rest of the squares on the bingo card are filled with numbers.

The called out bingo numbers are a combination of letters and numbers such as B-9. Then you will have to search for the number nine on the letter B column and then mark the number if you found it there. American Bingo has numbers 1-75 while the Australian and British Bingo has numbers 1-90 on the bingo card.

For bingo numbers 1-75, the numbers are usually divided in this manner: The B column consists of the numbers 1-15, the I column consists of the numbers 16-30, the N column consists of the numbers 31-45, the G column consists of the numbers 46-60, and the O column consists of the numbers 61-75. This results to the creation of thousands of unique variations of the bingo cards.

The caller of the bingo game will announce the outcome of the randomly generated numbers and the players will search these numbers on the bingo cards. If the numbers are in the bingo cards, players will have to place a mark on them. In online bingo games, the bingo cards are mark automatically by the software.

The bingo game will have a winner if a player has completed the specified pattern out of the called out numbers. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal are the standard patterns in bingo and there are also other variations of bingo patterns depending on the playing rules of the casino you are playing at.

When a player has achieved a particular bingo pattern, the player must call out BINGO to be identified as the winner of the game. The bingo game then halts and the bingo card of the winner will be verified. The winning bingo player will then receive the prize of the game and a new round of bingo game will start using new bingo cards. If there are more than one bingo winner, then the prize will be divided equally among them.

The playing rules of bingo are indeed simple to understand, so have fun playing this popular social game.