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Bingo Yesterday and Today

The origin of bingo is traced back in Italy through an Italian lottery game in the year 1530. This was under the name of 'Lo Giuco del Lotto D'Italia'. The game has reached France during the 18th century and was then called "Le Lotto". When it came to Germany, a variation of the game was born and was intended to help young children master their abilities and skills in subject of mathematics and Language. Up until today, there are still some European school that use the game to help the young students have brighter minds when comes to math and spelling.

In the year 1929, Le Lotto crossed the boundaries of Europe and reached United States. That was the time when the name was changed to "Beano". The game is very popular in every country in the US. Beano is a coined name from the materials that people use to mark the number which are beans. The game Beano was first player in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was Edwin Lowe that renamed the Beano to Bingo. Edwin was a salesman that sold toys in the state of New York. Lowe named the game Beano after hearing a winner who mistakenly called out "bingo!" instead of the real name "Beano!". Edwin lowe along with his friend Carl Leffler, which was thought to be a mathematics teacher, developed the game and increased to probability of number combinations.

In as in 1930 that the breakthrough of the game bingo exploded in the market. At that time, a priest asked permission from Edwin to use bingo as a means to raise funds for the church. In the year 1940, bingo as played in almost all churches in the country. During that time, bingo was already considered legal gambling. And from then on, the rest is history.

From then on, bingo has developed more and more until it gave birth to so many variations. The game that was usually played in churches and huge halls has reached the vicinity of land based casinos and later emerged as one of the most popular casino games online. A lot on online bingo sites have emerged to cater the overwhelming rise of bingo players who want to try playing the game online. This is the reason why bingo has become a famous online game in the online gaming industry of today's generation. It has contributed to the economic growth of the business on online casinos.