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The Popular Game of Bingo

All over the world, bingo is probably the most popular game people love to play. Bingo has grown so tremendously a favorite game not only in household gatherings but in some big events such as fund raising and social gatherings as well. Today, the modern teaching method adopts the game of bingo as one effective tool for teaching children especially the kids in their formative school years. This is how popular the game of bingo is today.

According to the statistics of the casino and Gaming Market Research Handbook, in 2003 alone, the game of bingo had generated nearly about $1 billion for some charitable institutions across the United States. Bingo became so popular because of the fun and the simplicity of the game. The simple nature of its gaming can easily be adapted to a more specific purpose such as social fund raising, and even in the field of teaching students their lessons such as in mathematics, etc.

The popular bingo is being played on bingo halls on some commercial establishments. Today local government has allowed these huge commercial establishments to operate large bingo socials provided they have the necessary permits and must abide by the rule and regulations of the prevailing local governing amusement board.

Popular bingo is being played with bingo cards that can be purchased from the organizers. The bingo cards are marked with numbers arranged in random. The numbers on every single card differs from one another and no card has the same set of numbers as the other. The bingo commentator announces the numbers that were drawn out of the bingo container and players will mark the numbers that came out in their cards. Completing the required numbers that were marked on his card, the player who had it first wins the game.

Bingo is now so popular that in schools, teachers adopt this game to teach children their lessons in a more comfortable and informal way. The teachers will organize a bingo game whose players are the students. Instead of the usual numbers on the bingo card, they put the questions on these cards and the answers are written on the bingo cards of the students. The present day educators especially those on the kindergarten school find the game of bingo a useful tool in teaching their students the basic lessons such as distinguishing the letters in the alphabet and matching words with some characters.

Today, bingo is undeniably a favorite and popular game today which has evolved from a mere pastime game by our elderly folks to a more functional tool of learning and social events.