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The Prize of Playing Bingo

Playing bingo is all about three Fs: fun, friends, and fishing the big prize by being the first to finish a pattern on a bingo card.

Playing bingo is done inside bingo halls. It is not uncommon, however, to find commercial bingo in malls, churches, and casinos. In the UK, bingo is rather played inside bingo parlors and private clubs where bingo playing is also associated with socializing among players, wining (or beer drinking), and dining.

Since several bingo games are organized by churches and schools to raise charity funds and other cause, playing bingo makes you contribute to a cause even while you get the chance to win amazing prizes.

If you want to teach kids new vocabulary or even history, flags, and such, teach it the fun way. Simply customize bingo cards and play with your kids. To customize the cards, have the numbers substituted with images or historical figures that you want your kids to learn.

Playing bingo follows simple game rules. You don't need tactic here or strategy. Bingo is a game of luck like lottery and keno.

First, you have to purchase a bingo card or more if the bingo hall allows it. A binho machine then draws a numbered ball from a container. This number is called out by a bingo caller, then shown on a flashboard.

If the called out number is on their card, the player marks the number. Marking of number is usually done using bingo chips or bingo daubers.

To win, a player must be the first to have a five-number hit that creates a horizontal or diagonal or vertical pattern on their card.

Playing bingo is easy you can do it anywhere. There are bingo accessories that let you play bingo from your home to buses to picnics and anywhere you can think of. Bingo accessories like bingo radio and bingo draw cards are excellent substitute for the large drawing machines used in commercial bingo halls. These accessories are portable and light so you could play the game anywhere.

Thanks to technology, playing bingo can now be done online. The fun is even increased here with the chat-messaging feature that bingo rooms offer.

Whether your choice is online or offline gaming, playing bingo brings fun, prize, and a time to socialize with friends old and new alike. So grab a card now, and let all the fun and luck smile on your side.